Home Video World Village Dubai |2019 | Dubai Tour | 4K | #Youtbe Video...

World Village Dubai |2019 | Dubai Tour | 4K | #Youtbe Video | MON AMOUR | P2

World Village Dubai |2019 | Dubai Tour | 4K | #Youtbe Video |  MON AMOUR | P2

This video is ready GLOBAL VILLAGE DUBAI 2

unparalleled MON AMOUR with A GREAT SYMPHONY

We are having Dubai tour in unparalleled #globallvillagedubai it’s a effective pickle for family- in world village Dubai season 24 you’re going to seek among the countries at some level of the sphere here with style – market – culture and a a extensive selection of tournament and are living concert, there so many contemporary events in this season,

contemporary river toddle Miami Surf https://www.youtube.com/note?v=f8qsG5VriRM

UAE Pavilion https://www.youtube.com/note?v=5BQkwaTb1xU

Sweety Shawarma https://www.youtube.com/note?v=EmtcuAQA8ko

Egypt Pavilion https://www.youtube.com/note?v=43wJC9_OnYo

Martin Avari Live in Concert https://www.youtube.com/note?v=TMQiHVe_grg

Custaphoria Kiosk https://www.youtube.com/note?v=P9vUw5WOXvg

Pakistan Pavilion https://www.youtube.com/note?v=m6Q3LYOOF9s

Konz Republic Kiosk https://www.youtube.com/note?v=3aiFNVHzvgM

Dancing Beneath The Rain Show https://www.youtube.com/note?v=HzV3C3QvLrw

Najim Al Saeed Restaurant https://www.youtube.com/note?v=crxnF0Ci3pw

Europe Pavilion https://www.youtube.com/note?v=edhtZU86dE4

Senor Gonzales Kiosk https://www.youtube.com/note?v=jWyoq5JeWR4

Metropolis Crew https://www.youtube.com/note?v=hrz6X5A0zYA

Azerbaijan Pavilion https://www.youtube.com/note?v=x4JJTcFE7DQ

Pistachio Restaurant https://www.youtube.com/note?v=Gt98tGMaa4s

Fight For The Block https://www.youtube.com/note?v=ndB752XGrYo

Circus Circus https://www.youtube.com/note?v=f_lJ0qz3oNw

Avenue Stunt https://www.youtube.com/note?v=-kltILK-QpQ

Ripley’s Inform It or No longer!® https://www.youtube.com/note?v=Q–QwhWPOlE

Palestine and Jordan Pavilion https://www.youtube.com/note?v=T9Xw_297kQM

South Korea Pavilion https://www.youtube.com/note?v=0BnvC4xU28A

Japan Pavilion https://www.youtube.com/note?v=sTLrK_B9LOo

هناك قسم ملاهي القرية العالمية تضم اخطر لعبة وتسمى أيضا منطقة العاب كرنفال في القرية العالمية في دبي


World Village Dubai 2019
#globallvillagedubai #globalvillage #Dubaiglobalvillage #globalvillage2019 #globalvillage2018
#exploregv23 World Village Dubai Season 2019 – 2018 began at 30th October 2018 for 6 months
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27 contemporary pavilions representing seventy eight cultures/ countries

20,000+ cultural and entertainment presentations

three,500+ retail retail outlets

12 retails outlets within the World Avenue

60+ rides

a hundred and fifty F&B retail outlets

a hundred interactive video games

30+ rides for young folk and households

a hundred legit performers selected from an audition of three,000 performers from at some level of the sphere, including the UAE

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