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Welcome Viktoria Academy

Welcome Viktoria Academy

Here’s my inclined Viktoria Academy. A minute bit bit upgraded by World adventures 🙂

As you perceive this recent world Meadow Glen is noble for my Academy and leisure of my sims. Witness how Viktoria Academy got elegant with native build. Furthermore here its nearly close of query for those sims however search on their achivments and trophys

Viktoria Enchantment -Headmaster of Academy and mayor of that city. Furthermore shes creator of book with over 5000 pages 🙂 wow i got tackle 12.000$ per week for that book

Takato Wuhan – He takes care of total academy. Cleaning, cooking, garden… Fair everything 🙂

Joe Armstrong – Extensive arogant guy. He tackle himself and his muscle groups. Masterd sport to lv10 with all its advances. He will marry Sylvia for sure

Sylvia Panter – Successfully… Shes mean however she sure is aware of the diagram to steer sure of putrid discuss her. She masterd charisma lv10 and her purpose is to marry beautiful attempting rich guy tackle Joe and also become grasp Rouge of that city

Crimson Knight – Hes my substitute for Flik Carrier. He masterd wine making and Marshal arts. Hes beautiful to bear on Adventures in egypt since he alweys can beat mummys. Furthermore hes traning on meteor breaker is value tackle 10.000$ per traning. He alweys breaks meteor and gets red diamonds, Rainbow gems and all that value plenty stuff. He dont bear existence purpose yet

Sierra Insecure – Shes artist. She can make hundreds $$$ by qualified portray or playing guitar. She already grasp her necessary talents and futfilled her existence purpose. What will she type now? Crimson might per chance per chance presumably be beautiful match for her however i dont wanna destroy Flik Carrier coronary heart

Zero Berkley – (Yes i took that title from GTA SA) hes purpose is to be crazy sientist. He got logic on lv10 and readed tackle A hundred books. He can negate your sims plenty about everything. Hes most attention-grabbing putrid side is hes cowardly

Cindy Clay – Shes perfdect nerd type and noble match for Zero. She loves books, logic and her purpose is to be most attention-grabbing doctor of the realm. She might per chance per chance presumably also write nice romances what makes her in actuality usefull author


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