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Values Songs – Be An Artist Song for Formative years

Values Songs – Be An Artist Song for Formative years

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This formative years nursery rhyme will bring out the creative facet in your formative years!

Is it Raining? No Topic!
There are substitute issues that that you’ll want to perchance perchance originate at home as an instance – play with paints!
Splash colours on a appealing canvas and originate a world out of your creativeness!

Follow the lead of those three mates on this stunning song. Take out your art offers and be an artist! And as you originate, remember to hum and faucet along to this artist song!

Join Appu and mates on their many adventures thru their interpretation of favorite stories, formative years nursery songs and toddler nursery rhymes songs for formative years to voice along to. Appu makes studying fun and appealing for formative years of all ages.

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