Friday, May 7, 2021
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Gran Turismo Sport: This Guy used to be Desirous to Salvage

Gran Turismo Sport content IS BACK. I had a rather mixed experience in this weeks Daily Race C. It all culminated in a rather funny race with a guy who was hellbent on staying ahead of me. Follow and Support me here ➡️️ Channel Membership ➡️️ Twitter ➡️️ Instagram ➡️️ Twitch…

Digital Reality: Interior Google’s Innovation Lab

Experience the path towards innovation. Ever wonder how Google moonshot ideas are born? Enter the Google Garage, a collaborative, maker space, to take part in a Creative Skills for Innovation Lab. Join a team of Googlers for an immersive lab that helps tackle audacious challenges, unleash creativity and prototype innovations fast. Discover more stories @…

Gran Turismo Sport: As Shut as a Bustle Can Get

Yet another brilliant race from the Club 100 esports championship on Gran Turismo Sport. This is race 1 of round 3 at Sardegna B in the Gr.4 Aston Martin. Thank you again for helping to raise a total of over £25,000 for the Philippines School Project! Follow and Support me here ➡️️ Channel Membership…

5 Singapore Startups Taking Innovation to the Next Level

In Singapore, it’s hardly business as usual. Startups are pushing the boundaries of technology to improve the quality of life for everyone. Join us as we visit five companies making everything from sponges that can soak up oil spills in the ocean, to robotic hands for people with neurological disorders, to laser communication devices designed…
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