Friday, May 7, 2021
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INnoVation and DRG enter the World Team League match between Kaizi Gaming and Team NV with the score tied at 2-2 - if either wins 2-0 their team takes it down, but a 1-1 will result in an ace match! Played : 18th April 2021 Full tournament information : SOCIALS :…

[EVENT] How one can get SPARK'S SECRET PACKAGE #1 within the...

In this video I'll be showing you how to get Sparks’ Secret Package #1 in the Innovation Arctic Base during the Metaverse Champions event on Roblox! ► Follow me on Twitter - ► Join my Discord server - ► Become a channel member - ► Play the Innovation Arctic Base -…

INnoVation vs Scarlett & BYUN?! – World Crew League Summer season...

Kaizi Gaming take on the Shopify Rebellion in Week 2 of the World Team League. INnoVation vs Scarlett, Solar vs Lambo and TIME vs ByuN all packed into one video! Start times for each match listed below. INno vs Scarlett - 0:00 Solar vs Lambo - 22:00 TIME vs ByuN - 40:00 Played : 2nd…

INnoVation vs Solar – 30 GHOSTS?! Halt At HomeStory Cup (TvZ)

INnoVation and Solar show off some awesome late game TvZ in the SAHSC Groups! Played : 11th March 2021 Full tournament information : SOCIALS : #sc2 #starcraft2 #starcraft

INnoVation vs DRG – TRAPPED SCVS! (TvZ)

As always the Into the AlphaX events have SICK line-ups, this one features INnoVation vs DRG BO5 semi-finals. Played : March 3rd 2021 Full tournament information : SOCIALS : #sc2 #starcraft2 #starcraft

High 10 Most Modern Laptops Launched at CES 2020

At CES 2020 a lot of laptop manufacturer have come up with their latest lineup of laptops for the year and the concept laptops they are planning to make available soon. Among a wide variety of laptops, we’ve came with the list of top 10 laptops that has been shown off this year and you…

INnoVation vs RagnaroK – WardiTV 2021 Neighborhood Levels (TvZ)

RagnaroK is the WardiTV 2020 champion back to defend his title! INnoVation stands in his way in the group stages however. Full tournament information : Played : 26th January 2021 SOCIALS : #SC2 #STARCRAFT #STARCRAFT2

INnoVation vs Zest – WardiTV 2021 Quarterfinals (TvP)

Only a few matches remain in the WardiTV 2021 event and this next one is a battle between INnoVation and Zest in the RO8! Played : February 6th 2021 Full tournament information : SOCIALS : #sc2 #starcraft2 #starcraft

INnoVation vs MaNa – WardiTV 2021 Neighborhood Levels (TvP)

Korea vs Europe action today as INnoVation fights MaNa in the WardiTV 2021 group stages! Played : January 26th 2021 Full tournament information : SOCIALS : #sc2 #starcraft2 #starcraft

Google Pixel 5 Match in 6 minutes

The Google Pixel 5 event wasn't long at just 30 minutes, but it was packed with product announcements. The company debuted the Pixel 5, the Pixel 4A 5G, a new Chromecast with the Google TV interface, and the Nest Audio speaker. If you didn't have time to watch or want to watch it again, check…
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