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Panda PTE RL- Innovation and invention真題機經

Panda PTE RL- Innovation and invention真題機經

Panda PTE Retell Lecture- Innovation and invention真題機經
Innovation equals invention. Let me appropriate cease here. Innovation equals invention normally other folks mistake these two things for the an identical thing. Innovation equals invention, they’re no longer. Innovation is something that generates price for the arena. It makes something faster, better, more inexpensive. It provides someone some monumental satisfaction. An invention is a principle, a technology, a patent. In and of itself, it doesn’t generate price. So these two are probably to be no longer the an identical thing. And usually you look them interchange. And that is no longer appropriate. So innovation equals invention cases commercialization. So and when we watch at this equation of innovation something of price, it requires a new thought after which it requires someone or some organization that’s going to commercialize that thought. And to construct it a price to the arena.


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